The conclusion paragraph it has to be a distinctive paragraph it need not be repetitive don’t repeat the same words that you’ve already said in the body but just summarize all the things that you said in the body so in this case in insurance essay I would have loved to see a conclusion saying therefore to conclude we can see that governance or the form of governance is dependent on the population size and the population diversity and depending on the size and diversity democracy and monarchy are equally good depending on the situation at hand you could conclude that way ok so again I am not agreeing or disagreeing with your content all I am doing is given your content.

I am trying to make a summary of that so this is what you would have summarized with this would have been a separate paragraph it should have it would have rounded off what you have said in the body ok so that is where I think you missed a trick ok guys so that’s the conclusion it is a very important part of your essay now couple of things more now when you are writing your essay in in most Institute’s it will not be an online affair you will have to write it on a piece of paper at that stage when you’re writing an essay on the piece of paper.

Some more challenges come in front of you the first of course is handwriting so people who have who don’t have good handwriting some of you have some of you know yourself that my handwriting is not so good please try and make sure that you write a little slower so that your writing is legible ok second please check for your cuttings as well as spelling mistakes here what document does that for you but in the case of physical paper you will have to do that yourself so no cuttings no spelling errors third in word you will find that I can easily identify where one paragraph is ending and the next is starting but in a physical write my essay nz that may not happen so in the physical essay always indent your paragraphs okay so let me quickly explain what indentation is so if I’m writing an essay and I write the topic here okay my paragraph should start from here similarly when I finish my paragraph and next paragraph should start from here this is indenting nice so now you can easily read or you can easily see.

Where my next paragraph has started this is indenting right so starting here is indenting it adds to the readability it shows the reader that a new paragraph has started so please make sure in business writing we teach that you must not indent but for the purpose of your essay you must indent because it is absolutely adding to your readability the reader is able to identify a new paragraph is starting yeah that’s what they’re absolutely right but here since your space is limited please don’t do a line break please just indent your paragraph so that you can optimum utilize your space as well.