If you’re stuck trying to get started first off absolutely do the CB write an outline even if it’s very short again it doesn’t have to be the Roman numerals you just need to get started and write whatever is easiest first okay write a phrase change the phrase into a sentence take the sentence and expand it into three sentences you have a paragraph go back and look at the elevator speech there’s your research paragraph you worry about good paragraphs first you have to get the content right before you talk worry about word counts or transitions oftentimes on grant applications. Learn how to make your application stand out on Robotdon.

They won’t designate that it has to be in one page or how many characters my opinion is that you don’t go over to most do one page or a page and a half but more words aren’t necessarily more convincing as I say everything in science is clear concise lucid to the point okay once you have a draft read through it and say what I admit me okay think about what would make you the unique applicant I tell students all the time to go through a draft and underline every reason you believe you gave the admissions committee to admit you and you only get to underline it once you don’t get to say the same thing three times then go through it again and highlight those reasons why they should pick you over someone else and believe me that’s very difficult and it’s because it’s very hard for the admissions committee to but what is there about your application that makes me go wow I want to see my graduate / in my graduate program so we go back to my website again here I have a pre grant advice as well that’s the big button here on the lower right and when you look at it what you’ll see is here at the bottom whoops maybe this is under undergraduate advice I have or no I think it’s under both I think it’s under undergraduate vice and pre grab advice.

I have an outline for the grad school essay and that’s basically what i just presented to you here but a little longer this is just one way to do it but it will give you some structure perhaps and help you get started so absolutely you have to plan on this essay requiring multiple drafts if you think you’re going to start three or four weeks before the application deadline I strongly recommend you start much earlier than that I go all over the United States teaching writing and trying to help students what I call right for success here what is clearly apparent to me is if you don’t have training as a writing try to become a great writer in six to eight weeks before an application deadline is not the best way to go so start early use multiple drafts definitely have it read by your professors or people who have actually served on an admissions committee.