Career Search – Your Resume or CV

A well written Resume/CV is effectively your pass to enter the job race. At the Resume/CV stage of selection the recruiter is looking for reasons to REJECT an applicant. They are likely to receive scores, if not hundreds, of applications for the position on offer. In this preliminary stage of selection their maxim is ‘when in doubt throw it out’. Your Resume/CV therefore has to represent the best you have to offer – it will either open the door for you, or it won’t.

The good news is that most people do not know how to write it and only spend a short time preparing one. Of course your Resume/CV can continue to work in your favour even after it has obtained an interview for you.

It can also help you at an interview by carefully focusing the interviewer’s mind on your good points and on your achievements. Once you have left the interview it will continue to work in your favour as the interviewer will probably reread it before making a decision, either on who should be invited to the second interview stage or who the job should be offered to.

When it comes to salary negotiations a good Resume/CV can also help. If your Resume conveys your full worth you are likely to get a higher salary offer than you might have done with a poorer Resume.

The life of corporate and graduate recruiters is dull enough already without everyone’s Resume/CV looking identical. So, whilst you will see a lot of very good advice on how to write a great Resume and/or it is important to make yours unique and special. Advice and guidelines on Resume/CV writing are just that – very useful indeed, but NOT prescriptive.

There are no Ten Commandments of golden rules about this but following the advice will greatly improve your chances of being offered an interview, and ultimately securing the job offer.

The message that you must take on board is ‘Prepare your Resume/CV in a professional manner’ It is quite probably the most important document you will ever write.