A career statement is a summary of your achievements and aspirations. Having written a killer resume, you should have a lot of information on which this is based. This information should make the next step straightforward; you are going to devise a career statement. This career statement, or summary, wants to be between 20 and 35 words long and should be written in the first person singular. For example:

“I am a very experienced purchasing manager and team leader with an impressive record of successful negotiations in the printing and packaging industry.”

If you have written a professional CV, you may already have a version of this statement, written in the third person singular. As its’ inclusion is recommended as one of the first items in a contemporary CV. Even if you already have a career statement, you may now wish to update it.

Your career statement should encapsulate your career aspirations and has three main benefits:

In wording the statement, you should become clear about which of your skills you wish to utilize and the job you are looking for.

When placed within your Resume/CV it will broadcast your skills and achievements loudly, usually near the top of the CV, therefore preparing the reader to receive positive information about you.

Finally, in the context of the interview your career statement can be used as the cornerstone on which you base replies to questions. You may even have the opportunity to state it, at the beginning of a response to a question such as:

“Tell me about yourself”.

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